You keep meaning to get to it, but when....?  Well, now we make it easy and affordable to just have it all done for you in a professional setting. Then you sit back and enjoy all of your historic images online where you will be able to share them with the rest of the family at the click of a button . You receive 600 pdi scans in a password protected gallery where they can be shared with family, download, and printed at everyone's own convenience.

 Photo Scanning Pricing

4x6 - 5x7 - 8x10 

1-100 photo scans - .30 ea

101-250 photo scans - .28 ea

251-500 photo scans - .26 ea

501-1000 photo scans - .24 ea

1000+ photo scans - .22 ea

Slide & Neg Scanning Pricing


1-100 slide scans - .32 ea

101- 250 slide scans - 30 ea

251 - 500 slide scans - .28 ea

501 - 1000 slide scans - .26 ea

1000+ slide scans - .24 ea

Image Restoration $25.00 hr

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Shipping your photos to us is easy! 

Local pick up in delivery available in Rochester NY area only.

USPS  small flat rate box  $7.20 can easily hold 175 5x7 or 4x6 photos

This is the method we highly recommend for sending your photos to us.

Once you have packaged your photos address them to: 

Preservation Scan

PO BOX #23841

1335 Jefferson RD

Rochester NY 14692

Also make sure to contact us  by sending us an email.

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USPS medium flat rate $13.65 box can fit 6 small flat rate boxes totaling 1050 photos.

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USPS Large flat rate $18.90 box can fit 8 small flat rate boxes totaling 1400 photos.

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